System Improvements Offer Expanded ATP Monitoring Capabilities

Enhancements to Hygienas SystemSURE Plus luminometer now offers expanded data storage for increased compatibility with hospitals. Hygienas SystemSURE Plus cleaning verification system is used in environmental services and other hospital departments where environmental cleanliness is regularly monitored.

Using UltraSnap sample collection swabs, the system measures Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels on surfaces after cleaning to verify the effectiveness of cleaning protocols and personnel performance. The new system improvements include greater storage capabilities for up to 5000 test locations, 200 users, and 100 testing plans, as well as decreased boot time.

With increased test locations, Hygienas SystemSURE Plus can meet the location requirements of the largest hospitals. Facilities with several hundred beds or thousands of locations that need to be monitored can now be stored on one SystemSURE Plus rather than multiple systems. Hospitals using Hygienas cleaning verification system are able to optimize facility cleanliness and reduce patient infections from cross-contamination. Hygienas SystemSURE Plus comes with complimentary tracking and trending software. For a free 30-day trial, contact Hygiena at 1.888.HYGIENA or visit

Source: Hygiena