Teleflex Celebrates 200 Years of the Pilling Brand in the Surgical Instrument Marketplace

Teleflex Incorporated is commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Pilling® Brand in the marketplace. The Pilling® Brand established itself as one of the first surgical instrument manufacturers in the United states when George Pilling recognized an important need faced by hospitals in the Philadelphia area. They required new tools to provide improved care to their patients, so in 1814 the Pilling® Brand offered the solution.

Since 1814, Pilling® Instruments have been designed and manufactured to set the standard for high-quality surgical instrumentation. The tradition of innovation and craftsmanship is still alive today.

Over its tenure of 200 years, the Pilling® Brand has gained international acclaim for maintaining high standards of quality while providing exceptional surgical tools. As surgical procedure requirements change, so do the needs of individual surgeons so Teleflex works closely with the world's top specialists to provide customized instrumentation. Teleflex continues to emphasize customer service and satisfaction with the knowledge that every instrument manufactured under the Pilling® Brand is backed by 200 years of experience.

As an integrated part of the Teleflex family, the Pilling® Brand continues to focus on handcrafted instrumentation that meets the surgeon’s requirements.

Source: Teleflex Incorporated