TRU-D SmartUVC to Showcase Infection Prevention Tracking Technology at AORN Conference


TRU-D SmartUVC will showcase its exclusive cloud-based infection prevention tracking technology, iTRU-D, at the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Surgical Conference and Expo 2014 in Chicago, March 30 through April 1. Company leadership will demonstrate how TRU-D and the new innovative technology work together to provide customized reports, including infection prevention, usage efficiency and risk aversion data, at booth 5047.

Short for Total Room Ultraviolet Disinfection, TRU-D,  the signature product of Memphis-based Lumalier, precisely measures reflected UV-C emissions with Sensor360? to automatically calculate the pathogen-lethal UV dose required for proper and consistent disinfection of healthcare environments. TRU-D now comes standard with iTRU-D, which is remotely operated via an iPad Mini. Data simultaneously uploads to the hospital's secure portal while TRU-D eliminates germs in hospital rooms.

In 2013, TRU-D was utilized in an independent study titled "First UK evaluation of an automated ultraviolet-C room decontamination device TRU-D" conducted by the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infection Prevention and the Control Department at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust's QMC campus in Nottingham, England. In the study, which was published in the Journal of Hospital Infection (N. Mahida, et al., 2013), TRU-D demonstrated its effectiveness in operating rooms, intensive therapy units and ward isolation rooms. The study concluded that when delivering a measured and consistent UV-C dose in a cleaned, unoccupied operating theatre, TRU-D reduced Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), multi-resistant acinetobacter and vancomycin-resistant enterococci pathogens by 99.99 percent.

"The combination of TRU-D's proven UV disinfection technology with iTRU-D means hospital staff can now easily keep up with and report important infection prevention data," says Chuck Dunn, president of Lumalier, the manufacturer of TRU-D. "It's especially valuable in operating rooms and provides a proven line of defense against pathogens for patients, surgeons, nurses and the hospital's bottom line."

Recently, TRU-D was the sole device utilized in an extensive, Centers for Disease Control-funded $2 million study, "The Benefits of Enhanced Terminal Room (BETR) Disinfection," by Duke University's (DICON) Epicenters Program, the University of North Carolina and eight other hospitals in the region. In 2013, research released from the study showed that TRU-D is effective in significantly reducing VRE, MRSA, Clostridium difficile (C. diff.) and Acinetobacter spp., and it concluded that UV-C disinfection devices without built-in technology to measure and calculate proper disinfection times either under or overestimate the necessary dose of UV-C light. The complete and conclusive 28-month study will be completed this summer.

Source: Lumalier Corporation


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