UMF Corporation Unveils New Color-Coded Bucketless Mop System

UMF Corporation’s new PerfectCLEAN® SDX bucketless mop system made its debut at EXCHANGE 2014, the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) annual educational event held Sept. 21-24 in Tampa, Fla.

“SDX stands for Superior Design and eXecution – translation: the SDX is ergonomically designed to foster increased productivity,” says George Clarke, CEO of UMF Corporation, a developer of high-performance products and accessories for public health and safety. “We are proud to stamp the SDX with our highly respected PerfectCLEAN brand name.”

Aggressively and thoroughly field tested by current PerfectCLEAN customers across diverse markets and applications, Clarke says the SDX resolves many issues including the most common complaints about the older generation of fluid mops currently on the market.

“Users of either the PerfectCLEAN SDX-50 or PerfectCLEAN SDX-60 model will immediately discover a new, vastly improved experience in bucketless mopping,” Clarke said. “The SDX outperforms all other designs currently available and it eliminates three commonly cited problems found in today’s fluid mops – leaking and clogging, easily breakable handles, and poor worker efficiency caused by too-heavy-to-use and unwieldy mops. Plus, our price point is unbeatable and of course the SDX comes with the highest quality, in-service tested micro-denier (microfiber) flat mop technology in the world from PerfectCLEAN.”

Many of the bucketless mop systems on the market today have a wet valve design and tubing that are prone to leaking and clogging failures due to parts that are constantly immersed in cleaning solutions and subsequent chemical incompatibilities. The PerfectCLEAN SDX uses dry valve technology making it more reliable and chemically resistant, even when using bleach. Chemical resistant tubing is used throughout.

Current systems on the market employ a two-piece metal handle, a design flaw that weakens the bushing between the two tubes which are prone to breaking. The PerfectCLEAN SDX is made from a single piece of aluminum, thereby eliminating weak connections.

Today’s bucketless mop systems can be weighty and uncomfortable to use because their design employs heavier steel in the handles and some have larger, 30-plus-ounce reservoirs. Moreover, poorly designed handles and triggers can exacerbate the problems that come from the repetitive use typical to cleaning processes.

The PerfectCLEAN SDX comes in two sizes – the 50-inch model is less than four pounds and is the perfect size and weight for the typical cleaning professional; and a 60-inch model is compatible for use by taller users. The 21-ounce removable reservoir strikes a comfortable balance between weight and capacity. Also, the top of the SDX handle is rounded and shaped to fit the palm of the user’s hand without causing blisters or fatigue from repetitive use. A large trigger makes dispensing cleaning solution easy with the full hand instead of the more commonly used fingertip trigger.

The SDX is compatible with all PerfectCLEAN color-coded 18-inch damp mop and dust mop products. The reservoirs are also color-coded and align with PerfectCLEAN’s color-coding system reducing cross-contamination and promoting “best practice” environmental hygiene processes.

The PerfectCLEAN SDX list price is $59.95.

Source: UMF Corporation