US Endoscopy Acquires Genii

US Endoscopy, a leader in endoscopy device design and manufacturing, announces the acquisition of Genii, Inc. Based in St. Paul, Minn. and founded in 2007, Genii (pronounced Jen-EYE) is a medical device manufacturer specializing in electrosurgery products and accessories used in GI endoscopy procedures. Genii’s current products include a state-of-the-art electrosurgery generator unit (ESU) and an array of complementary disposable accessories.

Genii is recognized as an innovation leader in the electrosurgery market. Electrosurgery is required to resect, cauterize/burn tissue during endoscopic polypectomy and hemostasis procedures. The proprietary offerings include the gi4000 electrosurgery unit (ESU), a compact unit with integrated Argon coagulation, monopolar, bipolar and lavage capabilities. The portfolio also includes the Touchsoft Coagulator® monopolar probe, ArC Smart™ argon probes, ArConnect™ argon probe connector, Gonogo™ active cord tester, disposable argon canisters and other accessories.

“The endoscopic polypectomy and hemostasis procedural areas continue to be growing segments and a focus for US Endoscopy,” says Tony Siracusa, vice president and general manager of US Endoscopy. “Pairing Genii’s electrosurgery products and accessories with our broad offerings of polypectomy snares and hemostatic devices is a natural fit and allows us to be a more complete solution for our Customers.”

“Becoming a part of US Endoscopy will allow us to continue to innovate and accelerate growth. We are confident that our mutual Customers will continue to receive great service,” said Genii founder and CEO Marcia Morris.

Source: US Endoscopy