UVC Cleaning Systems Inc. Launches Three New Products for the Healthcare Market


UVC Cleaning Systems Inc., a Michigan-based company, has recently released its mobile, transportable and stationary germicidal ultraviolet C disinfection systems. The company has taken a fresh approach to the surface and air disinfection market by offering equipment that is designed for the facility's operations with intelligent dosing technology, robust transportation features and easy-to-use remote operations. The design process focused on creating products that fit the personnel responsible for operating the equipment as well as provide an effective kill rate of harmful microorganism in the treatment area. These are high-powered devices with eight different SKUs to meet the amperage and voltage requirements of the global market. All devices are manufactured in the United States and are ETL, CSA and CE certified for safety. These products are shipped fully assembled and ready for use.

UVC Cleaning Systems offers a transportable handcart model designed for the contract environmental services provider. This product can easily be loaded and unloaded by one person into a van or truck. This gives the contract environmental service groups a tool that can be used at multiple facilities in a single day, expanding their offerings to their clients. The HC (handcart) models have all the same features as the rest of the UVC Cleaning Systems equipment.

The UVC Cleaning Systems stationary model is a wall-mounted plug-in device designed for the surgical suites and other rooms that have high turnover rates and require a fast and effective germicidal ultraviolet C disinfection. This model is most effective when wirelessly linked to other UVC Cleaning Systems devices. Up to eight UVC Cleaning Systems devices can be linked for a single treatment, eliminating shadow areas and delivering a high-powered dose of ultraviolet C for effective disinfection. Linked devices allow larger areas, such as rehabilitation physical therapy rooms, to be treated with germicidal ultraviolet C. All UVC Cleaning Systems models can be wirelessly linked and work together using intelligent dosing technology to deliver a calculated dose of high-powered ultraviolet C energy. The linking process increases safety within the treatment area with 360-degree motion sensors using both passive infrared and ultrasonic working together to detect occupancy in the room and shutting off all equipment within one second of the first linked unit that detects motion.

UVC Cleaning Systems equipment is offered as a true lease program. This means that the equipment is rented with flexible use plans and term lengths. This allows nursing homes, environmental service contractors, biological laboratories and small healthcare facilities to take advantage of ultraviolet C disinfection technology without a high capital investment. Use plans are offered with 30, 60 and unlimited treatments per month and work like a mobile phone plan with rollover treatments, upgrades and downgrades depending on usage. Term lengths of ninety days and one hundred and eighty days, one, two and three year plans are available. All service and maintenance is included in the cost of the lease. Leasing allows the customer stay current with new and emerging technologies. The infection prevention market is always changing and UVC Cleaning Systems will continue to engineer and manufacture the best tools available for service companies and healthcare facilities to combat dangerous infectious diseases. 

Source: UVC Cleaning Systems Inc.

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