Verathon Laryngoscopes to Accommodate Newer VHP Disinfection and Sterilization Systems

Verathon Inc. announces that its Verathon Medical Canada new-product development and manufacturing facility has made enhancements to GlideScope GVL® and Cobalt AVL and Cobalt video baton laryngoscopes to better withstand more rigorous vaporized hydrogen peroxide disinfection and sterilization systems. Newer vaporized hydrogen peroxide disinfection and sterilization systems in the market prompted this product development work.

In addition Verathon is notifying those healthcare facilities that currently own GlideScope video laryngoscopes, of an upgrade opportunity to vaporized hydrogen peroxide compatible units. GlideScope users interested in learning more about this program should contact their local Verathon Medical Sales representative or Verathon Medical Customer Care at (800) 331-2313.

If current GlideScope users have any questions concerning disinfection/sterilization system compatibilities, general cleaning, disinfection or related maintenance for their GlideScope systems, they can find relevant information in the User's Manual for their respective GlideScope model, under the Product Materials tab at They may also direct any questions they may have to Verathon Medical Customer Care at the aforementioned phone number.