Weekly Rounds with Infection Control Today: Delta Will Burn Itself Out, Son of Delta, Colin Powell’s Breakthrough Infection

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Delta Variant of COVID-19 Will Burn Itself Out

Jason Tetro, author of The Germ Code and The Germ Files: “Moving forward, I think we’re going to be going into this idea of seasonality, or as I like to say, cold, flu and COVID-19 seasons.” And the so-called "monster variant"? It's already here, says Tetro. It's called Delta.

Breakthrough COVID-19 Infection Kills Colin Powell

More frequent testing and continuation of mitigation measures such as masking would better help to protect the more vulnerable among us such as Colin Powell, a study concludes.

‘Son’ of COVID-19 Delta Variant on Scientists’ Radar

The UK Health Security Agency says that as of September 27, about 6% of sequencing tests in the UK tested positive for the Delta descendant—AY.4.2—which some scientists estimate may be 10% more infectious than original Delta.

Troubled Water Makes for Sick Hospitals

Brian Flannigan: “The reason why water quality and water safety is so important in sterile processing is that there have been direct connections made between the water systems and hospital infections: operating room infections, asset life problems, maintenance problems, staining and discoloration of equipment.”

Sterile Processing Unscripted: Know When to Innovate

IAHCSMM’s Damien Berg: “COVID-19 put a light on sterile processing professionals in a positive way. We became a force multiplier in the hospital by the things we did. And we got known.”