Weekly Rounds with Infection Control Today: Get Vaccinated, Tests for COVID, New Type of Mask

Take 5 minutes to catch up on Infection Control Today’s highlights for the week ending August 13.

Here are 5 highlights from ICT®’s wide-ranging coverage of the infection prevention and control world. Everything from interviews with known opinion leaders, to the news that infection preventionists and other health care professionals can use on their jobs.

Get Vaccinated Even If You’ve Gotten COVID-19, Study Suggests

A CDC investigation shows 2.3 times the number of reinfections with natural immunity compared to breakthrough infections in those who are vaccinated.

Put COVID-19 to the Test

As questions arise about vaccine efficacy and how effective they’ll be against the growing list of COVID-19 variants, the United States might have to rely more and more on another mitigation method: testing.

COVID Contingency Plan Includes New Type of Mask

An infection prevention officer at the hospital along with key clinical personnel and administrators had to give the OK for the prototype mask to be manufactured.

Some Experts See a Peak, Steep Decline of Delta Variant Coming

Brace yourselves for a rough August in the United States, infection preventionists. But come September the country might see a sharp decline in Delta variant cases.

The Doctor Is On: Fields Tough Questions About COVID-19

Kevin Kavanagh, MD: “COVID-19 is not just respiratory, it affects every organ of the body. This is a serious type of infection. And we need to be focusing on trying to keep this virus from spreading, plus protecting our young.”