White Paper: Rapid-Don Examination Gloves

Reducing Healthcare Costs and Positively Influencing Hand-Hygiene Behavior through Technology

Attempting to don gloves with damp hands is extremely challenging and may result in one or more of: tearing of gloves, wasted time on the part of the user as they try to force-fit the glove (assuming it can be donned), imprecise areas of fit across the hand, and overall circumvention of proper hand-hygiene techniques.

The Rapid-Don technology addresses all these issues and provides enhanced slip properties to the inner  surface of the glove. This proprietary technology has been independently tested via a Perception Study that finds that Rapid-Don gloves outperform control samples on every measure tested for, which includes: actual time of donning, perception of speed to don, perception of easy to don and perception of resistance to don.

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YTY group manufacture medical examination gloves with an annual  production capacity of 17 billion gloves, we are the chosen supplier partner of the world's largest distributors. An industry leader with a proven track record of delivering the highest quality gloves for the last 30 years, we are heavily focused on innovation being a global leader in thin nitrile gloves. YTY is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indorama an $11 Billion multinational.



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