Alexandra Peters, PhD

Alexandra Peters, PhD, is the scientific lead for Clean Hospitals, a global network dedicated to making healthcare safer through improved environmental hygiene. She is based at the University Hospitals of Geneva Infection Control Program and World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center on Infection Prevention and Control and Antimicrobial Resistance. She holds a PhD in Biomedical Science (Global Health track) and an MA in Science and Security. Her areas of expertise include health care environmental hygiene, hand hygiene, and health security.


Investment in Environmental Services Saves Money and Lives, Boosts Morale: An Example From Geneva

September 27, 2022

Environmental services teams (EVS) are crucial players in ensuring patient satisfaction and combating health care–associated infections, yet, too many EVS teams are invisible. They deserve recognition, and this article by environmental hygiene experts explains why and how to give appreciation effectively.