Cedric Steiner

Cedric Steiner is a licensed nursing home administrator in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, who has a specific interest in addressing infection control in the long-term care setting. Steiner is seeking partners for a webinar that he hopes will promote a holistic approach to indoor air management. Contact him at steiner@gshealthcare.org or @SteinerGS for integrated solutions and infection control concerns related to indoor air quality.


Let Airflow Show Pathogens the Door (or Window or Vent)

June 18, 2021

An integrated air management system requires proper engineering and not a pile-up approach of unproven products. One concern is that decision makers will fall into the nearsighted trap of selecting piecemeal products that require frequent maintenance.

How One Long-Term Care Facility Held Off COVID-19

March 09, 2021

Difficulties in communicating with the elderly necessitate close speaking. These circumstances are a ripe atmosphere for spreading respiratory diseases. While residents were largely isolated from the broader population, their caretakers were not.

COVID-19 Pandemic Proved Importance of Airflow in Buildings

December 18, 2020

Officials at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have the ability to convert several floors into airborne infection isolation rooms (AII), or more commonly termed negative pressure rooms, with the flip of a switch.