Jan Dyer

JAN DYER is a writer and editor specializing in clinical topics. She lives in Suffern, New York.


College Guidance Counseling: Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

June 15, 2021

One junior at New Jersey’s Rutgers University, the first to mandate COVID-19 vaccination, said, “I’m not antivax, I’m anti-mandate. My education should not be restricted based on my personal decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.”

High Tech in a High-Touch Environment: Keeping the Best of Both

June 03, 2021

Some fear that hospitals will become “Robots R Us” environments, but that is unlikely. Chatbots, although useful, are poor stand-ins for in-depth, in-person conversation with a health care provider. And if COVID-19 did anything, it put a million faces to the tragedy of what it’s like to die without human contact.