Jan Dyer


Hand Hygiene’s Future: Technology, Tradition Get a Grip

January 22, 2021

Hospital experts know that monitoring alone doesn’t change behavior. In fact, technology alone isn’t always the answer either. Some of the most effective systems are a hybrid of the latest technology and “oldfangled” methods such as rewards and recognition.

A Great Divide: Kansans Line Up on Opposite Sides of a Mask Mandate

December 08, 2020

What’s the matter with Kansas? Well, for one thing, counties could choose whether to follow state health department guidelines on masking. COVID-19 case-count differences between counties that did and those that didn’t is striking.

Novel Initiative Keeps Nursing Home Residents Safe From COVID-19

September 22, 2020

Cedric Steiner: “We had to address the ability to say good-bye to loved ones. A big guy, with tears in his eyes. He was so thankful that they had a place to go for their mother, because at the hospital they couldn’t see her. He wanted to give me a bear hug, but we did the ‘elbow thing’ instead.”