Linda Spaulding, RN-BC, CIC, CHEC, CHOP

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Linda Spaulding, RN, CIC, BC, CHEC, CHOP, holds a Certification in Infection Prevention through CIBC and is a Certified Hospital Emergency Management Coordinator. She is the CEO and founder of InCo and Associates International, an internationally known Infection Prevention Consulting Firm. Linda has devoted the last 33 years to Infection Prevention by educating both health care workers and the general public on the importance of infection prevention. Currently, Linda consults with ambulatory surgery centers, long-term and acute care facilities, and other disciplines such as police, fire, rescue, and dental to develop strong, evidence-based infection prevention programs and practices. She is a certified DNV GL Hospital NAIHO Accreditation Surveyor and managed the DNV GL Hospital Certification in Infection Prevention (CIP) Program. She holds a Lead Auditor Healthcare Certificate for ISO 9001-2015. Linda is also a Certified Healthcare Operations Professional (CHOP) through DNV GL.

Linda was a liaison on the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC), which is a federal advisory committee appointed to provide advice and guidance to DHHS and CDC regarding the practice of infection control and strategies for surveillance, prevention, and control of health care-associated infections, and antimicrobial resistance.

Linda has been the principal investigator in over 60 outbreaks. In 2018 Linda assisted the Department of Health in Atlanta, Georgia, with a facility outbreak of New Delhi Metallo-β Lactamase 1 (NDM-1). This outbreak comprised the 6th and 7th cases identified in the United States. In 1997 she identified an outbreak of A-Sydney influenza which had never been seen before in the U.S.

Linda has published numerous articles related to infection prevention and has developed many educational programs on various topics. She also developed a series of training programs for Japan to implement infection control programs in Japanese hospitals. She has written e-learning programs for companies in the U.S., including Fortune 500 companies and Africa, India, and Ireland. Over the last 25 years, Linda has provided consultation for Emergency Management for Acute and Long-Term care facilities working closely with the Emergency Management teams in HI, Florida, and New Mexico. She has also written an award-winning Emergency Management Program for Acute Care Hospitals.

She is on the Editorial Advisory Board for Infection Control Today and was the Infection Control Today’s 2003 Educator of the Year.