Infection Control Today, January/February 2022, (Vol. 26, No. 1)

Add Biopreparedness to IP Checklist

January 03, 2022

Now is the time for infection preventionists to harness the current attention to biopreparedness and use the momentum to build the foundations for strong local programs that can be sustained through future waves of competing priorities.

Infection Control in Dentistry Before, During, and After COVID-19

December 30, 2021

Those dental practices that come out of the COVID-19 pandemic with an appreciation of and renewed commitment to infection control best practices will maintain the trust of their patients and survive, whereas those that scoff at the costs of doing the right thing will not.

Changes COVID-19 Brought to Long-Term Care Facilities

December 13, 2021

Having an infection preventionist on site or as a consultant to lead infection prevention and control training makes a difference. The ability to screen, isolate, or group patients can save lives. Ongoing testing of residents and staff is critical.

Immune Changes in Mothers, Infants Linked to COVID-19 Infection

November 25, 2021

Perhaps another reason why pregnant women should get the COVID-19 vaccine? Investigators found COVID-19 infection altered the mothers’ immunity at delivery, and gestational COVID-19 exposure alters the immunity of the newborns.

COVID-19 Spread: Droplets or Particles? It’s Not an Either/Or

November 24, 2021

Recent research into COVID-19 suggests that health care systems need to move beyond the idea that pathogen spread happens either via droplets or aerosolized particles. Patients can generate the full range of respiratory particles.