Infection Control Today, January/February 2021 (Vol. 25 No. 1)

Swiss Cheese Model—How Infection Prevention Really Works

December 15, 2020

In essence, infection prevention and control isn’t just one measure, like personal protective equipment (PPE), but all of these layers. Each layer is imperfect but plays a critical role in reducing risk.

How to Train Environmental Services Teams

December 11, 2020

Infection preventionists can work with environmental services (EVS) leadership to implement a routine practice for quality assurance checks that EVS leadership can follow. These metrics can then be reviewed as an aggregate with the IP department to target whether further education may be beneficial.

Time to Update Personal Protective Equipment Protocols?

December 08, 2020

Compare transmission data for patients on contact precautions using the recommended full complement of PPE versus transmissions for patients on contact precautions when PPE was being utilized differently or not at all.

A Great Divide: Kansans Line Up on Opposite Sides of a Mask Mandate

December 08, 2020

What’s the matter with Kansas? Well, for one thing, counties could choose whether to follow state health department guidelines on masking. COVID-19 case-count differences between counties that did and those that didn’t is striking.