3M Introduces New 3M Ioban 2 Antimicrobial Incise Drape 6661EZ to Provide a Simplified Application


ST. PAUL, Minn. -- 3M announced at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress last week the national introduction of the 3M Ioban 2 antimicrobial incise drape 6661EZ, a unique antimicrobial surgical drape designed with a picture frame delivery system. The 10.5-inch by 8-inch drape is ideally suited for high-volume minimally invasive implant procedures. The new 6661EZ Ioban 2 drape is made with a strong, conformable, and breathable polyester incise film coated with medical grade acrylate adhesive containing molecular iodine (Iz) as the active antimicrobial agent. The 6661EZ Ioban 2 drape provides a sterile surface and helps to decrease bacterial contamination from skin to gloves, gowns, instruments and implants.

A drapes barrier and antimicrobial properties are fully effective only when the drape is securely adhered to the patients skin. Clinical studies show that Ioban 2 incise drapes adhere better to skin than other drapes, especially after several hours(1). The 6661EZ Ioban 2 drape is identical in clinical performance and efficacy to 3Ms other Ioban 2 antimicrobial incise drapes and offers the advantage of quick, easy and precise drape placement every time. Additionally, the drape is made with a superior-quality adhesive that provides consistently reliable adhesion to the skin and wound edge.

We are excited to celebrate over 25 years of antimicrobial incise drape expertise by introducing the new 6661EZ Ioban 2 drape, said Carol Watson, marketing manager, 3M Health Care. This new drape delivers on our customers need for a simplified one-person application, through its unique design and quick, easy application.

The 6661EZ Ioban 2 drape helps prevent surgical site infections by reducing bacterial migration from the patients skin to the surgical wound. The skin is a significant source of potentially infectious microorganisms such as staphylococci aureus and coagulase-negative staphylococci, which are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and account for more than a third of all surgical wound infections(2).

In addition, surgical site infections contribute to or directly cause more than 10,000 deaths each year in the United States(3). The 6661EZ Ioban 2 drape provides documented continuous antimicrobial activity and is clinically proven to reduce the risks of wound contamination and bacterial migration. The broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity lasts for hours under the drape where it cant be washed away.


1. 3M Study No. LIMS 6904 (1997) study data on file at 3M.

2. Federal Register, Programs to Prevent the Emergency and Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance, May 8, 1998. Vol 63 No. 89.

3. Lee, James T. 1999. Guidelines for Prevention of Surgical Site Infections, 1999. AMJ. Inf. Control. 27(2): 97-132.

Source: 3M Health Care


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