After 30 Years, InstruSafe Products Assumes New Brand Identity

To continue the positive momentum that Summit Medical, Inc. has created with its InstruSafe instrument protection trays, the company announces its re-branding effort. This update includes a modernized logo, an easy to navigate website and social media outlets. InstruSafe strives to get in front of their current and potential customers with a fresh new look that reflects their unique approach to solving problematic instrument sets.

“Our quest has been to build upon the solid 30-year foundation on which this brand stands," says Tiffany Stanton, marketing communications manager for Summit Medical, Inc. "For the past year we have been re-examining InstruSafe from all angles. I am proud to say this facelift encompasses the craftsmanship and robust nature of the products while tipping our hat to its history. The new logo represents the concept of ‘360 degrees of protection’, illustrating how InstruSafe trays prevent unnecessary damage to delicate surgical instrumentation, during every phase of the sterilization process. A new motto, 'The InstruSafe Advantage,' focuses on the level of customization offered to tailor to specific customer needs."

Social media is a first for Summit Medical and InstruSafe, but they are optimistic that it will fit well into their marketing mix and accelerate their efforts. InstruSafe currently has accounts on both Facebook and Twitter and are planning to increase their presence in the social media realm within the next few months.

Included in the brand launch will be an advertising campaign integrating print, digital, and trade show platforms that will generate growth and develop a new way to interact with customers. A new catalog was designed to introduce the new and improved InstruSafe, and help paint the picture of their journey through the medical device industry; understanding the use cycle and improving outcomes. With an enhanced e-presence and a clearly defined brand and value proposition, InstruSafe aims to strengthen recognition and diversify their product in the marketplace.

Summit Medical, Inc. is a St. Paul, Minn.-based medical device manufacturer that has been designing, engineering and manufacturing products for more than 30 years. In addition to InstruSafe instrument protection trays, Summit Medical also manufactures ENT products such as ventilation tubes, myringotomy blades and nasal splints along with many other surgical and non-surgical products. They also market proprietary products such as the EarPopper® Ear Pressure Relief Device, Dizzy FIX™ BPPV Training Device, and Silverstein MicroWick™ Drug Delivery System.

Source: Summit Medical, Inc.