AirClean Systems Announces New Glycinex High-Level Disinfectant Neutralizer

In addition to potential vapor exposure hazards from moving and pouring high level disinfectants, medical personnel and facility managers must also be cognizant of local and state regulations regarding disinfectant disposal. Dumping used disinfectant down the drain can be hazardous to personnel, unhealthy for the environment, and depending on location, potentially illegal. Using a neutralizer before disposal can mitigate these concerns.
Glycinex is a high-level disinfectant neutralizer developed specifically for post-use neutralization of glutaraldehyde, ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) and other aldehyde-based disinfectants. Unlike plain glycine, Glycinex ensures a rapid, non-reversible reaction by means of a proprietary buffer to create a stable, truly neutral pH during neutralization.

Convenient tear-open packets contain pre-measured doses of Glycinex. Each packet contains enough Glycinex to neutralize one quart of 2.6 percent glutaraldehyde or one gallon of 0.55 percent ortho-phthalaldehyde within five minutes. Once the appropriate amount of Glycinex has been added to the disinfectant, a noticeable color change will occur as the neutralization takes place.

Glycinex has no corrosive acids or unstable oxidizers, and heating is not required for neutralization. Glycinex and the neutralized product that is formed are not harmful to active bacteria used in treating sewage and sewer sludge. Glycine is the sole active ingredient in Glycinex, meeting the requirement of California Senate Bill 2035. One case of Glycinex contains 24 easy-open packets, and is shelf stable for three years or more.