AirClean Systems Introduces Its Latest Probe Storage Solution

AirClean® Systems announces the release of its latest probe storage solution. The CleanShield® Ultrasound Probe Storage Cabinet is designed to effectively and securely store disinfected endocavity transducers and general purpose ultrasound probes by suspending each disinfected probe in a vertical position, minimizing stress on the connection cable, strain relief and electrical pack of the probe.

CleanShield® is constructed completely of thermally fused polypropylene that can be disinfected easily and is non-hygroscopic. The cabinet was designed with special hanging mounts that allow each probe to hang vertically while being bathed in clean, filtered air. Designed to accommodate up to six disinfected ultrasound probes, the cabinet is complete with a locking epoxy-coated steel door.

CleanShield® meets the guidelines for storage of semi-critical devices as outlined by the Joint Commission. They state, “Store the devices in a manner that will protect from damage or contamination and that is consistent with national guidelines and manufacturers’ recommendations such as hanging vertically in a cabinet and storing in a clean environment.”

Source: AirClean Systems