Ansell Announces Price Increases for NRL Surgical and Examination Gloves for Europe Customers

Following a continued increase of raw materials costs, Ansell Medical Solutions Europe, the regional branch of the world leader in hand protective solutions for healthcare professionals, has announced substantial price increases for its entire range of NRL medical gloves.

Increasing global market demand and adverse weather conditions in rubber-producing countries have pushed world natural rubber prices to another all-time high over the past few months.

The cost of latex in US Dollars has increased by 60 percent over the past 12 months, and 30 percent in the past three months alone. Compared with 2009, the cost of latex has more than doubled. As a result, the soaring latex price is affecting the manufacturing cost of many rubber products, including protective gloves.

In addition, the costs involved in the production of latex and synthetic gloves are also linked to the price of oil and related freight transport costs, which have also been rising steadily in past months.

"In view of our soaring costs, substantial price increases across our entire range of natural rubber latex medical gloves are essential for Ansell to be able to continue providing the high level of quality and protection our customers rightfully expect from us", says Peter Dobbelsteijn, CEO of Ansell Europe.

Ansell management is constantly monitoring trends in the cost of raw materials and is exploring all avenues aimed at offsetting future increases originating from the cost of raw materials. With a view to guaranteeing its customers the best quality products as well as the best service, Ansell maintains frequent contact with its customers and distributors regarding all major developments that impact the price of its products.