Kevin Kavanagh, MD

KEVIN KAVANAGH, MD, is the founder of the patient advocacy group Health Watch USAsm and a frequent contributor to Infection Control Today®.


Viewpoint: Politics, Bad Science Taints Decisions About COVID-19

September 24, 2021

Even if not hospitalized, COVID-19 often produces the most severe infection individuals will experience in their lifetimes and can produce lasting symptoms of fatigue, weakness, brain fog and cardiovascular damage.

Viewpoint: On COVID Boosters, CDC Panel Must Recover Ball That FDA Panel Fumbled

September 20, 2021

Health care workers know all too well the lasting and debilitating effects of long COVID-19. They were one of the first to become vaccinated and are some of the first experiencing breakthrough infections. They are tired, burned out, and many are on the brink of collapse.

FDA Panel Sidesteps Decision for Broad Distribution of Booster Shots

September 18, 2021

Some medical experts say that in this case, inaction is also an action—either the US gives boosters or does not. That decision needs to be based on the best available evidence. Instead, there seems to be a desire to wait another 6 months for pristine randomized controlled studies.