AOHP Identifies Healthcare Workers Top Workplace Issues and Concerns

WEXFORD, Pa. -- On behalf of healthcare professionals nationwide, the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP) conducted a member survey in November 2004 to identify healthcare workers top issues and concerns. Based on the survey results, AOHP has developed its first public policy statement. This statement represents AOHPs top priorities over the next two years.


 Bloodborne Pathogens

AOHP will strive to protect the health and safety of healthcare employees from bloodborne pathogens. The Association will advocate for policy that provides safer technology, education, training and prevention of transmission of disease via bloodborne pathogens.


Patient Handling

AOHP will strive to protect the health and safety of healthcare employees from patient handling injuries. AOHP will support efforts to ensure a safer workplace environment for both patients and healthcare employees. The association will advocate for lift/assist devices, including transfers, lifts, and repositioning mechanical equipment. Further, the Association will support regulatory, legislative, education, training, research, and prevention activities as they relate to safer patient handling.



AOHP is a national association whose vision is to be the defining resource and leading advocate for occupational health and safety in healthcare. Its mission is to promote the health and safety of workers in healthcare.  This is accomplished through advocating for employee health and safety; occupational health education and networking opportunities;

health and safety advancement through best practice and research; and partnering with employers, regulatory agencies and related associations.


 Source: AOHP