AOHP Releases Influenza Vaccination Position Statement

On behalf of healthcare professionals nationwide, the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP) conducted a member survey in November 2010 to gather information and opinions related to the annual influenza vaccine. AOHP has released a position statement regarding influenza vaccination based on the survey results:

"To promote the health and safety of the healthcare worker (HCW), AOHP advocates for a policy with the coordination of state, local and national governments mandating that all HCWs be offered the influenza vaccine, at no charge, as long as it is not medically contraindicated. AOHP supports that all HCWs receive the influenza vaccine based upon informed decision through education of vaccine efficacy and safety, and implementation of infection control practices. AOHP respects the individual HCWs right to make an informed decision regarding accepting or declining the influenza vaccine. Declination forms are recommended as a component of influenza vaccine program documentation. AOHP supports continued research and evidence based practice related to influenza transmission in the healthcare environment and vaccination of the HCW. Prompt communication of current study findings to the association and partnering organizations is critical in improving influenza prevention programs. AOHP continues to support that all HCWs receive the influenza vaccine as a vital part of a successful influenza program; however, the associations position does not support that receiving the influenza vaccine be a condition of employment."

AOHP is a national association representing thousands of healthcare workers whose vision is to be the defining resource and leading advocate for occupational health and safety in healthcare. AOHP promotes health and safety for HCWs through: advocacy; occupational health education and networking opportunities; health and safety advancement through best practice and research; and partnering with other invested stakeholders.