ASP Launches the Fastest Low-Temperature Sterilization Cycle on the Market

Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) announces the availability of the EXPRESS Cycle for the STERRAD® 100NX System. The company says this is the fastest low-temperature sterilization cycle validated for surface sterilization of da Vinci® 3D endoscopes, rigid telescopes, rechargeable batteries and many other devices. The EXPRESS Cycle rapidly sterilizes instruments without the damage associated with other sterilization modalities.  

The EXPRESS Cycle is a feature upgrade that customers can purchase for their new or existing STERRAD® 100NX Systems.  The 24-minute EXPRESS Cycle joins the 42-minute FLEX and 47-minute STANDARD cycles on the STERRAD® 100NX System platform, creating an unrivaled range of sterilization options.

"The addition of the EXPRESS Cycle continues our focus on optimizing our customers' investment in the STERRAD® 100NX System," says Karen Borg, vice president of worldwide marketing for ASP. "Our breadth of cycles combined with first-class technical support and clinical education, ensures our customers have the most flexible and long-term sterilization solution."

The STERRAD® 100NX System EXPRESS Cycle is now available in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). For more information, visit ASP at the 58th AORN Congress in Philadelphia March 21-23, contact your local ASP representative, call (888) 783-7723 or visit