B. Braun Ultrasite Needle-Free IV System Designed to Help Prevent Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens in the Radiology Suite

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- B. Braun Medical Inc. announced today

it has received U.S. FDA clearance for the use of its Ultrasite Needle-Free

IV System with power injectors up to 300 psi, helping to prevent exposure

to dangerous bloodborne pathogens in the radiology suite. B. Braun is the

first and only company to receive FDA 510(k) clearance for needle-free IV

system use with power injectors.

As a result of sharps injuries, 2,000 workers a year become infected

with hepatitis C, 400 contract hepatitis B, and more than 36 U.S.

healthcare workers a year contract HIV. According to the Society of

Interventional Radiology, self-sheathing or needleless intravenous systems

should be used whenever possible to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens

in vascular/interventional radiology.

The Ultrasite Needle-Free IV System is designed to eliminate the risk of

accidental needlestick injuries. Ultrasite features patented technology

that virtually assures compliance by preventing needle access. This highly

effective passive engineering control protects both patients and caregivers.

The Ultrasite is a patented valve with a positive displacement design that

uses an internal plunger to expel fluid when the Luer taper is removed,

preventing blood from being drawn back into the IV system. In addition, its

design offers exceptional flow rates while enabling it to be used across a

variety of IV therapy applications.

"The Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act (NSPA) requires all U.S.

healthcare facilities to implement safer needle devices," said Gregory S.

Jones, director of IV systems at B. Braun Medical Inc. "The Ultraasite Needle-Free

IV System is designed to eliminate the risk of accidental needlestick injury

and support these safety compliance initiatives. We are pleased to

announce that we can now offer this cornerstone product in our "People,

Products and Programs" safety initiative to protect clinicians in the

radiology suite."

With more than 28,000 employees worldwide, B. Braun is a full line supplier

of innovative healthcare products and programs designed to improve both

patient and clinician safety.

Source: B. Braun