Bacterin to Receive $1.4 Million From Defense Appropriation for Antimicrobial Coatings for Medical Devices

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BELGRADE, Mont. -- Bacterin International, Inc., a

developer and manufacturer of elutive bioactive coatings for medical devices, announced today that the Department of Defense has awarded the company $1.4 million in DOD appropriations to develop anti-microbial coatings for

medical devices.  Should the company succeed in developing a coating under the appropriations project, Bacterin officials hope to turn the project into a contract with the DOD.


Guy Cook, president of Bacterin, said, "Three-fourths of all battlefield injuries today are open fractures to a soldier's arms or legs.  MASH units treating these soldiers must use temporary measures to transport casualties

from the battlefield to military hospitals for full care.  Unfortunately, by the time these soldiers reach definitive care, multiple organisms have infected nearly 70 percent of these open wounds.  Under our DOD Appropriations project, we will be working to add bioactive coatings to temporary orthopedic fixation devices used to treat battlefield wounds.  Anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, anti-coagulant, or pain relief properties embedded in a

bioactive coating could significantly reduce the high rate of infection seen

in medical devices currently implanted under battlefield conditions.  Coated

medical devices could reduce pain and suffering, and possibly save limbs, even




    Bacterin has pioneered biofilm science since its founding in 1997.

Initially, Bacterin served as one of the industry's leading independent

testing facilities for the world's largest medical device manufacturers.

Today the company manufactures and licenses its own proprietary bioactive

coating technology with diverse applications in multiple medical settings.

Bacterin's anti-infective coating prevents microbial (biofilm) formation and

growth, thereby reducing bacterial adhesion associated with invasive medical

devices and surgical procedures. The company is actively pursuing licensing

agreements with several major medical device manufacturers. 


SOURCE Bacterin International, Inc.