Biological Controls Introduces New Web Site for Airephase Product

Biological Controls, which is celebrating its 34th anniversary in the contamination-control industry, announces the launch of its new Web site,, which offers information on products and services relating to healthcare facility surge capacity,  pandemic preparedness, and mobile field facilities with which to deal with mass casualty/injury events.

Surge capacity for a pandemic is defined as a healthcare facility and hospital's systems ability to expand quickly beyond normal services to meet an increased demand for medical surge care in the event of a pandemic event, act of bioterrorism or other large-scale public health emergencies. Mobile field hospitals are deployable, rapid-assembly shelters, easily and quickly erected tents, mobile or portable field soft wall shelters, and trailers that can be utilized as temporary emergency medical facilities.

Biological Controls specializes in providing solutions to the healthcare industry in times of emergency and unanticipated surge, and offers various sizes and designs of surge response shelters that can facilitate emergency surgical and medical procedures. For example, the companys Pneumatic Airephase Mobile Surge Capacity Hospital System is designed to create a negative-pressure isolation room within these emergency areas.

Starting essentially as a distributor of products for the last 20 years, the transition to design and manufacture was a giant leap for Biological Controls. In the early 1990s, with the advent and resurgence of TB, the company took a different approach and direction in designing and building equipment specifically for airborne infection control applications. The first product to be developed was the MICROCON® 800 air purification system. Many months of engineering, and experimentation went into the design to finalize the product. The heart of the system was a HEPA filter, the same proven filtration technology that had been utilized and embraced by high-tech medical establishments. The location and process of air intake and exhaust was deemed critical to its functionality and uniqueness. When coupled with germicidal UV lamps (UVGI), the result was a system that was embraced by the healthcare community for protection against airborne pathogens. The MICROCON® 800 was the first mobile air purifier introduced to address the safety concerns of healthcare workers in hospital settings, where the risk and exposure to airborne pathogens was the greatest. From the original MICROCON® 800 concept sprang a full range of other products bearing the MICROCON® label which has been introduced over the last decade.

Early in 2007 Biological Controls introduced the newest product to its air purification family, Airephase, a high-capacity, high-efficiency air purifier with high-intensity germicidal UV lamps that was specifically designed for pandemic preparedness and hospital surge-capacity applications. Airephase can be utilized to create a positive-pressure isolation room that can be used as a "safe room" for key personnel during a pandemic.