Breakthrough AHP® Technology May Help Reduce Incidence of HAIs

CHICAGO -- Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) kill one person every six minutes. A revolutionary technology available from JohnsonDiversey can help reduce the threat of these infections. Based on hydrogen peroxide, AHP® technology is now available in a hospital grade disinfectant with a 60 second contact time. The 60 second contact time helps ensure compliance and has the potential to help save healthcare facilities millions of dollars in HAI-related costs, while providing an excellent surface safety and environmental profile.

AHP® technology, which uses surfactants, chelating agents, and low levels of hydrogen peroxide, is the basis for two new hospital-grade disinfectants: Oxivir TM|MC Tb and Carpe Diem TM|MC Tb. Both are available in the United States and Canada, and both disinfect hard, non-porous, inanimate surfaces in 60 seconds.

There are two features that make our products with AHP® technology revolutionary, Steve Thomson, JohnsonDiversey product manager, said. While some traditional disinfectants must remain on surfaces 10 minutes to work, these products, with AHP® technology, require just one minute, which helps ensure compliance.

Oxivir TM|MC Tb and Carpe DiemTM|MC Tb meet the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)s blood-borne pathogen standards for cleanup of blood and bodily fluids. They are safe for use on typical healthcare surfaces such as vinyl, plastic, chrome, glazed ceramic, porcelain and tile, and can also be used to disinfect common healthcare items, such as wheelchairs, handrails, IV stands, mattress covers, bed pans and almost any washable surface where disinfection is required.

The second great feature of AHP® is its environmental profile, Thomson said. It does not contain any VOCs [volatile organic compounds] or NPEs [nonylphenol ethoxylates], nor does it carry a strong fragrance, which could be irritating to patients. Its HMIS [Hazardous Materials Identification System] ratings are all zeros, so it is essentially non-irritating to staff.

With its broad-spectrum disinfectant action, high-performance cleaning, environmentally responsible attributes and non-corrosive formula for use on hard, non-porous surfaces, Oxivir TM|MC Tb and Carpe Diem TM|MC Tb, with AHP® technology are a perfect solution for the healthcare facility.

Healthcare professionals like using Oxivir TM|MC Tb and Carpe DiemTM|MC Tb because they are patient-friendly, staff-friendly products, Thomson said. They give hospital staff peace of mind and confidence that they are helping to break the chain of infection.

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Source: JohnsonDiversey Inc.