Burlington Partners with PurThread to Provide Embedded Antimicrobial Protection to Fabrics

PurThread Technologies, Inc., maker of next-generation antimicrobial fibers and yarns, announces a partnership with Burlington, a global diversified provider of textile solutions across performance and specialty apparel fabrics, active wear, advanced uniform fabrics, and technical fabrics, to provide antimicrobial and anti-odor protection to the global healthcare, industrial and apparel markets.  

“Burlington is proud to continue its advanced R&D efforts to bring leading innovations in textile technology that provide real, lasting enhancements to our customers through our partnership with PurThread,” says Jeff Peck, president of Burlington. “Following rigorous testing, PurThread’s embedded antimicrobial is found to be extremely effective and durable, and we look forward to introducing PurThread’s benefits in our Burlington brand fabrics.”

The foundation of this partnership is PurThread’s silver-embedded yarn, which was recently shown in a study by the University of Arizona to kill 99.99 percent of salmonella and other dangerous bacteria on its surface within two hours of contact. The silver, a safe, non-nano ionic silver salt, is EPA registered, and will power Burlington products made with PurThread’s antimicrobial and anti-odor protection.

PurThread is the first to embed silver into the fiber itself before it is spun into yarn and woven into fabrics. This novel technology yields intrinsic antimicrobial benefits that don’t wash off or wear away for the life of the fabric or change the fabric’s physical characteristics.

“We are excited to develop progressive antimicrobial products with one of the most well-known and respected textile manufacturers in the world,” says Lisa Grimes, CEO of PurThread. “This partnership will bring to healthcare and consumer markets the powerful, durable benefits of PurThread’s protective yarns in Burlington’s high-quality fabrics. Everyone wins.”

Developed with manufacturers in mind, PurThread’s technologies will integrate seamlessly with Burlington’s manufacturing process.

Source: PurThread Technologies, Inc.