Cantel Launches New Medical Face Mask to Address Issue of Fit

Cantel Medical Corp. announces the launch of a new design of medical face masks, the SecureFit series by Crosstex International, a Cantel subsidiary. The SecureFit series of masks addresses scientific research that points to poorly fitting masks as a major hindrance to their effectiveness. Medical face masks are often loose-fitting because of the wide variability of facial features of those who wear them. SecureFit earloop medical face masks' patent-pending design enables wearers to quickly and easily adjust the mask for a tighter, customized fit.

A study published in the September 2010 issue of the American Journal of Infection Control quantified the ability of medical face masks to minimize the spread of infection. The study, "Quantifying Exposure Risk and Mask Protection," found that a tighter-fitting mask may offer as much as 100-fold greater infection control benefit than standard, loose-fitting masks.

Gary Steinberg, CEO of Crosstex International, says, "This is among many scientific studies that clearly point to the importance of mask fit in reducing exposure to infectious particles. Masks are intended to protect against the spread of harmful infectious diseases. If they don't fit properly, you're rolling out a red carpet for dangerous infectious material to bypass the mask."

"There is increased attention on respiratory-transmitted infectious disease, both from a cost standpoint for healthcare institutions, as well as from a public health perspective, and the literature now shows that simple medical face masks can play a significant role in addressing both," says Andy Krakauer, CEO of Cantel Medical Corp. "Crosstex's continued research and innovation in this area, and specifically, the SecureFit series of masks, enables us to bring differentiated solutions to broader healthcare and public health markets."