Cantel Medical Acquires Sterilator Company, Inc.

Cantel Medical Corp., through its Crosstex subsidiary, has further expanded its sterility assurance monitoring business with the acquisition of Sterilator Company, Inc. Based in Cuba, N.Y., Sterilator Company is a high-quality manufacturer of biological indicators and supplies for sterility assurance products, which are used to accurately monitor the effectiveness of sterilization processes. Sterilator serves both the medical and industrial markets, and has been a long-time supplier of self-contained biological indicators, dual species spore strips and culture media to the company's dental and hospital healthcare disposable business. 

Gary Steinberg, president and CEO of Crosstex, says, "This acquisition allows us to add one of our key long-standing suppliers of biological indicators to our portfolio, providing a strategic benefit to our overall sterility assurance monitoring business.  I am also pleased that we will retain Sterilator's current leadership, who will serve an integral role in new product development and R&D initiatives in sterility assurance."

Andrew Krakauer, president and CEO of Cantel Medical, adds, "This acquisition further enhances our capabilities as a leading provider of sterility assurance monitoring products to the medical industry. Furthermore, this addition strengthens our product development capabilities, enabling Cantel to continue providing the best infection prevention and control products and solutions to our customers."

Source: Cantel Medical Corp.