Center for Transforming Healthcare Has More Than 1,090 Hand Hygiene Projects in Progress

Launched on Sept. 13, the Joint Commission says that its Center for Transforming Healthcares Targeted Solutions Tool (TST) now has more than 1,090 hand hygiene projects in progress. More than 40,000 hand hygiene observations have been entered into the TST, and the tools and videos provided on the TST to support these projects have been downloaded more than 5,300 times. Since the launch, the following enhancements have been made to the TST based on user feedback:

- Addition of a Data Wizard that allows the user to combine data for multiple hand hygiene projects across units. For example, the user can select all of the observations for many units and show compliance by occupation. Data can be exported to Excel, a Pareto chart or an Analysis of Means chart.

- Removal of the limitation of 50 additional log-ins per organization. An organization can now add an unlimited number of log-ins, and they can be set up to go directly to the TST instead of The Joint Commission Connect home page.

If your organization is interested in starting a project and would like assistance, contact John Cullinan, director of quality for support operations, at (630) 792-5822 or send an e-mail to