Crosstex Develops New Biological Monitoring Services Website


Crosstex International has developed a new website,, that provides state-of-the-art laboratory services and infection control information to healthcare professionals. The site content is heavily focused on sterility assurance protocol/products in hopes of educating clinicians to implement safer working environments for their staff and patients

Crosstex is uniquely qualified to counsel customers, as it operate two testing laboratories in North America that process more than 2.5 million mail-in spore tests annually from a diverse range of customers.

Special features include:
• Resources to key infection control organizations, national guidelines and local guidelines (complete with interactive state-lookup tool).
• Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Work Tools (i.e. annual compliance calendars).
Users do not need to be a Crosstex customer to utilize the website. However, behind the password-protected screen, biological mail-in customers can:
• View their office’s spore test results and sort results by test date, by sterilizer, by result status and filter by date range.
• Print a ‘Certificate of Participation’ to display in their office for customer’s peace-of-mind.
• Sign-up to receive ‘Reminder Reports’ that email or fax alerts when the system recognizes a missed weekly spore test.
• Automatically receive a personal phone call from a Crosstex clinical consultant when a failed spore test is detected.

The website offers step-by-step instrument reprocessing video tutorials. The host of the video series is Leann Keefer, RDH, MSM, director of clinical education for Crosstex. Keefer has practiced for more than 20 years, is a former associate professor, and has provided service to various foundation and accreditation boards in the U.S. and Canada. As Keefer explains, “I can remember the amount of the information that I needed to absorb as a young clinician. My hope is that these educational videos and website will allow clinicians to learn from trusted sources like the CDC, FDA, OSAP, ADA, AAMI, or directly from their manufacturers, as opposed to putting their trust in colleagues who may not be trained on the latest advanced technologies.”

According to the company, Crosstex International continues to invest in tools that adhere to its brand promise, “Crosstex Protects.” Gary Steinberg, CEO and president of Crosstex International states, “When it comes to developing and manufacturing products that keep patients safe and free from infection; it is not enough to simply deliver products to the marketplace… Crosstex takes personal responsibility to ensure our customers understand how to properly use each piece of advanced medical technology and has a responsive team in place to address their questions. is another resource to assist our customers.”

Source: Crosstex International, Inc.

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