Crosstex International Launches Infection Control Helpline


Crosstex International, Inc. announces the launch of 8558-STERILE, a new toll-free infection control helpline. The helpline was established after several infection control breaches made top news headlines in the dental sector. This spotlight on infection control protocol had many practices reviewing their procedures and also turning to manufacturers to ensure they understood product IFUs (Instructions for Use) and the frequency required to meet physical, chemical and biological monitoring CDC compliance guidelines.

In response to these questions, Crosstex established a dedicated helpline. This helpline, unlike other Crosstex customer service phone numbers, is answered only by clinicians. These clinicians work on behalf of Crosstex to help educate the industry on proper sterility assurance and infection control processes.

Also, it is important to note that although Crosstex is a well-known industry leader for its line of personal protection equipment (face masks, bibs, gloves), what some may not know is that Crosstex has two testing laboratories that process mor than 2.5 million mail-in spore tests annually. These spore tests are received from a diverse range of customers (such as distributors, medical institutions, physicians, veterinarians, teaching universities,
dentists, dental service organizations, group purchasing organizations and government agencies). As part of this mail-in service, Crosstex calls its customers to alert them of a failed test in order to advise and address any questions. Crosstex is, therefore, in a unique position to counsel customers and help ensure safety through compliance as a result of these daily consultations.

The Infection Control Helpline is open to anyone, not just Crosstex customers. Calls can range from the simplest of product inquiries to serious infection control protocol concerns. It is important for facilities to understand that if they fail to follow compliance regulations, they face the danger of an audit, or worse, infection to their patients or staff members. The Infection Control Helpline is 8558-STERILE, (855) 878-3745, it is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST.

Source: Crosstex International, Inc.

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