CS Medical Announces Exclusive Worldwide Distribution Agreement for the Brooker Probe Holder

CS Medical announces it has entered into an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement for the Brooker Probe Holder.  The probe holder was designed by Dr. Robert Brooker in an effort to improve the experience for healthcare professionals handling and manipulating TEE ultrasound probes.  The Brooker Probe Holder mounts directly to the IV pole of the procedure bed and then allows the handset of the probe to be laid securely onto the crescent bracket. 

Brooker has more than 25 years of experience in cardiothoracic anesthesia, which led him to this invention and a significant improvement in probe handling and control during transesophagael echocardiography procedures.

With the addition of the Brooker Probe Holder,CS Medical continues its commitment to designing, developing and providing solutions for TEE Complete Care.  The company's continued focus on all aspects of TEE ultrasound probe care include products like TEEZyme™ enzymatic sponges, TPorter™ TEE transportation device, QwikDry™ TEE drying cloths, electrical leakage testing, and HEPA filtered ultrasound probe storage and now the Brooker Probe Holder.                                  

Source: CS Medical LLC