Department of Veterans Affairs Chooses ViaValve Safety IV Catheter for Dallas VA Medical Center

Smiths Medical announces that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs awarded Smiths Medical a contract to purchase the company's Jelco® brand ViaValve Safety IV Catheters for its Dallas VA Medical Center.

"Providing the highest quality medical devices and technology to serve Americas Veterans is an honor for Smiths Medical," said Srini Seshadri, president of Smiths Medical. Our ViaValve Safety IV Catheter is the latest advancement in IV catheter safety. It is one example of our mission is to produce innovative medical products that promote patient, clinician and healthcare worker safety while supporting the best possible clinical outcome. We appreciate the selection of ViaValve by the Dallas VAMC for the care of those who have borne the battle."

ViaValve Safety IV Catheters are built on the proven Jelco® IV Catheter platform that has been a favorite with clinicians for nearly two decades, which contain a unique valve inside the hub that impedes blood flow from the patients vein upon initial venipuncture. This helps reduce the risk of blood exposure and possible contamination by maintaining a clean access site, preventing the transfer of blood borne pathogens from patient to caregiver on soiled gloves, clothing, bedding and dressings. The catheter, once in the patients vein, is activated by attaching the Luer fitting of an infusion line which opens the valve to allow unrestricted flow.

ViaValve Safety IV Catheters also help prevent unintended needlesticks, which affect approximately 800,000 hospital-based healthcare workers in the U.S. each year. The ViaValve safety catheter surrounds the retracted introducer needle and produces a click to indicate that the needle is contained for safe handling and disposal.

Source: Smitsh Medical