Dial Announces its Green Assurance Program

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Economic shifts and the growing trend of green business practices are among the most widely discussed topics across the country. And while we all know that saving money and helping the planet are top of mind for everyone, the two don’t always go hand in hand. By creating the Green Assurance Program, Dial Professional Series® strives to comfort healthcare facility managers in knowing that products that are good for the environment don’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Dial’s Green Assurance Program is based on the corporate principle that effective environmental protection and social balance are the foundation of economic success.  Likewise, heads of healthcare operations are now more than ever responsible for aligning a limited budget with effective products that are environmentally compatible. In order to help business owners go green without going broke, Dial has set out to make sure that its products adhere to strict green guidelines while still offering a cost savings when it comes to buying professional products.

In compliance with federal, state and local government standards, Dial makes every effort to ensure that products within the Green Assurance Program meet and/or exceed green cleaning/formula criteria, including biodegradable formulas, products with low levels of VOCs, fragrances that meet IFA code, recyclable packaging, no phosphates, hypoallergenic, and contain non-irritating formulas (personal care items). Products under this program, such as Pure & Natural®, Dial Complete® Foaming Hand Soap and Renuzit® Super Odor Neutralizer®, meet the mandates issued by the highest green programs, such as LEED Certification and Design for the Environment, and benefit constituents, not only at a an ecological level, but in terms of cost as well. 

The same effort that has gone into making its products green has also driven Dial’s attention to making them affordable. Dial’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its product lines to business owners and facility managers who are determined to do their part for their customer and the environment.  By focusing on the protection of our natural resources, Dial has successfully bridged the gap between saving the environment and saving money, creating a more profitable decision for all.

Source: The Dial Corporation