Diversey Care Introduces New Soft Care Hand Sanitizing Wipes

If not cleaned properly, many surfaces such as countertops can house harmful, illness-causing bacteria such as E. coli. To better protect customers and improve hygiene, Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division introduces its alcohol-free Soft Care® Hand Sanitizing Wipes.

“Germs can easily pass from one person’s unclean hands to another person, object or surface,” says Paul Budsworth, Vice President of North America, Diversey Care. “Providing customers with Soft Care Hand Sanitizing Wipes ensures that they can quickly and effectively clean and sanitize hands, leaving them soft and fresh.”

Soft Care Hand Sanitizing Wipes are also ideal for educational facilities, municipal buildings and other areas where alcohol-free sanitizing is needed.
Soft Care Hand Sanitizing Wipes, available in a convenient and easy-to-use dispensing container, combine a special cleaning and sanitizing formula with Aloe, Glycerin and Vitamin E to gently moisturize the skin while sanitizing hands. Users simply wet hands thoroughly and allow them to dry. Used wipes are then disposed of to eliminate cross-contamination. The wipes can also be safely used on surrounding surfaces.

Source: Diversey Care