Doctor Pleads Guilty To Causing Girlfriend's Miscarriage

COLUMBUS, Ohio-A doctor who was accused of contaminating his girlfriend's drink to induce a miscarriage has pled guilty and will be sent to jail for five years.

Maynard Muntzing II, MD, will lose his medical license after pleading guilty to attempted felonious assault and contaminating a substance for human consumption. The original charges had been four counts of attempted aggravated murder after Muntzing's girlfriend Michele Baker, drank Cytotec-a stomach treatment drug that triggers miscarriages. Baker, who was pregnant with Muntzing's child, contacted police after she suspected Muntzing was trying to cause her to miscarry. They secretly recorded the physician tampering with the woman's drink in her kitchen.

She later miscarried, although the coroner was unable to determine the cause of the miscarriage.

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