DQE Releases the New SafePaq Plus Blood & Virus Protection Kit

In the past year, Ebola has made headlines throughout the healthcare community, causing CDC guidelines for protecting healthcare personnel to evolve. Keeping pace with the latest healthcare regulations, DQE has added a new convenient, practical PPE kit that follows the recommended CDC guidelines. DQE now provides two preassembled, blood and virus protection kits, the SafePaq® and the SafePaq® Plus.

The updated SafePaq Blood & Virus Protection Kit contains: a blood and fluid resistant coverall, 5 mil nitrile exam gloves, 8 mil extended cuff nitrile exam gloves, a disposable apron, knee-high overboots, and germicidal wipes. The SafePaq does not include head protection, so it’s the PPE solution for users who plan to wear a PAPR for respirator protection. The new SafePaq Plus has all of the contents of the SafePaq, but with the addition of a protective hood, face shield with protective drape, and an N95 mask.

The contents of these kits were chosen with special attention to their utility for healthcare workers. For example, the material of the coverall is breathable, while still passing both the ASTM F1670 blood penetration and ASTM F1671 viral penetration tests. Two thicknesses of gloves were chosen, so a heavier glove could be worn as an outer glove. The disposable apron can tear off from your neck for disposal, avoiding the need for having potentially hazardous scissors around to cut the straps.

Source: DQE, Inc.