E. coli Suspected in English Outbreak

LONDON-The strain of bacteria E. coli 0157 was discovered in five confirmed cases in the village of Eccleston, some 200 miles northwest of London. More than 15 people have been hospitalized surrounding the potential outbreak as health officials hurry to determine a source of the infection.

Some of those who have fallen ill recently purchased meat at a local delicatessen. Since the owners of the Kwik Save supermarket in Eccleston have closed the deli counters and recalled all meat, cheese, fresh fruit, and vegetables purchased during the past few days.

The particular strain of E. coli is potentially fatal. Symptoms of infection include abdominal cramps, fever, and bloody diarrhea. Infection is usually caused from eating undercooked meat that is contaminated with the bacteria. It is also possible to become ill with E. coli after drinking tainted water or touching infected animals.

Information from www.sfgate.com