ECRI Institute PSO Celebrates Five Years as a Patient Safety Organization

ECRI Institute Patient Safety Organization (PSO) is celebrating its five year anniversary. ECRI Institute PSO was one of the first organizations to be officially listed (effective Nov. 5, 2008)by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a federal Patient Safety Organization.
We were one of the first 10 PSOs and ECRI Institute PSO continues to build on its 45 years of expertise in the areas of technology assessments, health devices and patient safety, quality and risk, says Karen P. Zimmer, MD, MPH, FAAP, medical director of ECRI Institute PSO.
ECRI Institute PSO offers a comprehensive membership program for individual hospitals and health systems and support for other Patient Safety Organizations. Unlike other PSOs, it covers all clinical settings across the continuum of care. The services are based on applied research, interactive tools, a learning network, and a reporting platform. To enable healthcare providers to learn from near misses and adverse events, and to improve patient care, the PSO provides incident report collection and analysis.
The ECRI Institute Patient Safety Organization analytics team, with experience analyzing more than two million adverse event reports, includes physicians and nurses; quality, legal, and risk management professionals; individuals with safety, education, science, and engineering backgrounds; statisticians and data analysts; and information technology experts.

ECRI Institute PSO supports numerous state-based PSO programs as well as hospitals, health systems and other provider organizations nationwide.

Source: ECRI Institute