Environmental Hygiene Services Offers First Total Hygiene Services Package

Ondeo Nalco Company, a subsidiary of SUEZ Environmental Industrial Services division, announces the formation of Environmental Hygiene Services, a highly specialized global program focused on reducing public health risk due to pathogenic microorganisms.

Environmental Hygiene Services is the first group to offer customers a complete line of specialized services designed solely to assess, control, and reduce risk from pathogens such as Legionella. While harmless in nature, Legionella, can cause Legionnaires' Disease when inhaled as an aerosol mist via sprays, evaporative mist, showerheads, decorative fountains, spas, sprinklers, swimming pools, HVAC systems, and a variety of other sources.

"Worldwide, Legionnaires' Disease affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year, but is widely undiagnosed," said Ashton McCombs, general manager for Environmental Hygiene Services. "Our mission is to educate customers on the potential health-related risk from Legionella and other water-borne pathogens and bring them specialized services that reduce their risk."

Environmental Hygiene Services brings customers the years of experience of the Aquazur organization. Aquazur began in the United Kingdom more than a decade ago where its groundbreaking work in risk minimization provided guidance in establishing an approved code of practice for Legionella control. Environmental Hygiene Services has taken the best practices in the UK, other guidance from government, industry associations, and Ondeo Nalco to bring customers the industry's first total package of services.

"Our program offers customers a portfolio of services beginning with a risk assessment and following through with a treatment program and monitoring of their systems. This ensures their ability to offer employees, customers, patients, residents, and guests a safe and comfortable environment," said McCombs.

Environmental Hygiene Services is a global offering. Specialists, backed by some of the top researchers in Legionella minimization and control, will work with customers to custom design programs that will reduce pathogenic risk in their facilities. Educational seminars and training curriculum will be offered to bring a greater level of understanding of the lifecycle of Legionella, how it becomes Legionnaires' Disease, and what can be done to reduce the risk of contracting Legionnaires' Disease.

"The Environmental Hygiene Services team is comprised of highly trained specialists who concentrate solely on providing services that reduce health-related risk in customer facilities. The extensive training our specialists have completed provides a level of knowledge a general water treatment salesperson cannot match and that will be invaluable to the specific nature of our customers' needs," said McCombs.