Environmental Tectonics Corporation's Sterilizer Division Awarded Contract for Multiple Steam Sterilizers

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa.  -- Environmental Tectonics Corporations sterilization division announced it has been awarded a major contract for Arizona State University to supply three specially constructed cage & rack steam autoclaves, as part of a new facility project.

ETCs ability to provide the largest capacity equipment specifically designed to fit within the limited space available gave them a clear advantage over many other autoclave manufacturers.  ETC worked in close cooperation with Sundt / DPR, the construction manager and the architect and engineering company, in custom designing the most optimal-sized unit before being selected for the job.

Mark Compo, director of sterilizer sales, commented, Having been awarded this bid reflects highly on ETCs competence in delivering the unconventional standard to the industry.  This project exemplifies our versatility in which we provide tremendous value to our clients through our open-minded approach.  Our technical staff is always looking at ways to solve critical space constraints increasingly common to todays life sciences, pharmaceutical, and medical device facilities.  This contract is a testament to ETCs design and manufacturing flexibility for which we are clearly recognized as the industry leader.

Source: Environmental Tectonics Corporation