FDA Clears Aesculap SterilContainer S System for use in the STERIS Amsco V-PRO 1 and V-PRO 1 Plus Low Temperature Sterilization Systems

Aesculap, Inc. announces that the SterilContainer S product line has been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), (510(k) number, K093649) for use in the STERIS Corporation’s V-PRO 1 and V-PRO 1 Plus Low Temperature Sterilization Systems.

“Maximizing ROI is key in today’s economic environment,” said Edward Nuber, product manager of sterile technology at Aesculap Inc. “Healthcare facilities can reduce repair cost while maximizing set utilization by securing heat and moisture-sensitive instruments in the Aesculap SterilContainer S system during processing in the V-PRO™ 1 and V-PRO™ 1 Plus Systems.”

The Aesculap SterilContainer S is a reusable, environmentally friendly, rigid container system used for the packaging, transportation, and storage of instruments prior to, during and after sterilization. The SterilContainer S product line consists of Full, Three Quarter, Half and Extra Long Mini size SterilContainers, instrument baskets, filters, indicator cards, tamper proof locks, silicone mats, and the Aesculap Instrument Organization System.

The V-PRO 1 and V-PRO 1 Plus Low Temperature Sterilization Systems can quickly process high volumes of heat and moisture-sensitive devices using vaporized hydrogen peroxide, an environmentally friendly sterilant. In addition to the single 55-minute automated cycle of the V-PRO 1 system, the new V-PRO 1 Plus sterilizer includes a second 28-minute cycle specifically for sterilizing non-lumened devices. This allows operators to enhance productivity by choosing the cycle that best matches the devices being sterilized. Both systems have a one-touch control that requires minimal training, and both are equipped with remote monitoring capabilities for increased uptime.