FDA Clears New Automated Probe Disinfector

CS Medical recently announced FDA 510(k) clearance of the TD-100 automated TEE probe disinfector. The TD-100 is an automated disinfector designed to reduce the manual manipulation, complexity and length of time required to properly disinfect transesophageal (TEE) ultrasound probes. Using a microprocessor controller, the TD-100 provides a simple user interface that guides the technician through the few steps of the high-level disinfection that require user input. Once initiated, the disinfection process continues automatically and alerts the technician at the end of the 17-minute cycle. The TD-100 eliminates the need for manual reprocessing, thereby saving time, reducing probe wear and providing printed validation of probe disinfection.

"The TD-100 is the first automated TEE disinfector on the market, and represents a significant step forward in disinfection technology," says Greg Dobbyn, CEO of CS Medical. "Endoscope technicians have enjoyed this type of automated disinfection for a while now, and weve brought this same convenience and time savings to anyone tasked with handling and cleaning TEE probes."