FFF Enterprises Sends Important Pharmaceuticals to NY Victims


TEMECULA, Calif-One week ago, four hijacked American planes crashed, leaving passengers and people on the ground dead and wounded. Many victims were burned by jet fuel and rushed to local hospitals.

With the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) closing all commercial air space in the US, biopharmaceutical distributor FFF Enterprises had a difficult time determining how they would send live saving drugs to victims in New York from their southern California company.

FFF officials report they had hundreds of calls from hospitals on the east coast for human serum albumin-a treatment for burn victims-almost immediately after the tragedy occurred. However, getting 25,000 treatments to hospitals 3,000 miles away was going to be a challenge.

Company officials called Tony Leporis of FedEx Custom Critical, a specialized unit of FedEX that carries time-specific shipments, to help them find an answer to their transportation dilemma. Leporis, in turn, called the FAA and asked for special permission to fly the pharmaceutical to those in need along the east coast.

By 4 pm Tuesday, FFF employees were loading 74 pallets of albumin vials onto trucks headed to Los Angeles International Airport. A chartered jet flew the medicine with human tissue supplies from the American Red Cross to Philadelphia. By 8:45 am Wednesday, trucks were delivering albumin to 54 hospitals and burn centers in the area.

Albumin is essential in treating burn victims because it is a volume expander. It expands the volume of blood, plasma, and body fluids lost through tissue damage. Burn victims are prone to potentially fatal dehydration, but albumin keeps victims hydrated and healing.

For information on how you and your company can also help those in need, contact the American Red Cross at: 800-GIVELIFE or the Salvation Army at: www.salvationarmy.org.

FFF Enterprises is the parent company of Alpine Gloves. For more information about the company, log onto www.fffenterprises.com

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