Free Flu-Shot Shortage Poster Now Available

AKRON, Ohio -- GOJO Industries, a longtime leader in hand

hygiene products, announces the release of a downloadable poster aimed at

helping to improve infection control during the winter season. The poster can

be downloaded, printed and displayed in high-traffic areas, employee break

rooms and rest rooms.


"Flu Shot Shortage: What Can You Do?" includes hand hygiene

recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

to reduce the spread of germs. The two key recommendations are to wash

hands with soap and water, and to sanitize hands with an alcohol-based hand



The CDC specifically recommends the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to

help prevent the spread of germs during the winter season in hospitals,

offices, schools and child care centers.


Alcohol-based PURELL is an

important tool for effective hand hygiene. PURELL has been tested against a

wide range of germs and has been proven to be 99.99 percent effective in killing

most common germs that may make you sick.[1]


GOJO Industries, Inc. manufactures PURELL®, PROVON®, and GOJO® brand

professional skin care products and has a nearly 60-year history of leadership

in improving well-being through hand hygiene and healthy skin. GOJO has

products and programs to kill germs on hands and solve skin care-related

problems in a variety of markets, including healthcare, foodservice,

manufacturing, automotive, education and government. GOJO is a privately

held corporation headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with offices in the United

Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong and Brazil.



[1] The Food and Drug Administration does not allow hand sanitizers or soaps to make claims about their effectiveness against viruses. We cannot claim that

PURELL kills the flu, but we do know that it is effective against many common

germs that may cause illness.