Generex Biotechnology's Subsidiary Enters into Collaboration to Develop SARS Vaccine


TORONTO -- Generex Biotechnology

Corporation announces that it has entered into a

collaboration with Dr. Bing Sun of the Chinese Academy of Science (IBC) in

Shanghai to develop a SARS vaccine.

Sun has done pioneering work isolating SARS genes which can be used in a DNA vaccine. Antigen Express, Generex's subsidiary, has developed proprietary and patented technologies to enhance the potency of DNA vaccines. Together they seek to create an effective DNA vaccine for protection against SARS infections.

Antigen Express' technology focuses on modulating immune responses

mediated by T helper cells, a class of lymphocytes that plays many roles in

the immune system, both enhancing and suppressing immune responses. T helper

cells are essential for obtaining both robust and long lasting responses

against infections, cancer and against specific antigens which are encoded in

DNA vaccines.

"The heart of the Antigen Express technology platform is controlling

antigen presentation by MHC class II molecules to elicit better T helper cell

activation," explained Dr. Robert Humphreys, founder of Antigen Express. "In

the case of DNA vaccines, the Antigen Express component used with the DNA

vaccine inhibits expression of the MHC class II-associated invariant chain (Ii

protein). This protein normally prevents MHC class II molecules from

presenting intracellularly synthesized antigens, such as those encoded in DNA

vaccines, in a manner that adequately stimulates T helper cells."

The SARS genes to be used in the DNA vaccine will be supplied by Dr. Sun.

His leading studies have helped to characterize the best SARS genes to use for

stimulation of an immune response.

Antigen Express has received several SBIR grants from the National

Institutes for Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the National Cancer

Institute, to apply this technology in DNA vaccine projects for cancer and

infectious diseases.

"We are pleased to be initiating serious efforts in SARS vaccine

development using the proprietary technologies pioneered at Antigen Express,"

said Anna Gluskin, CEO of Generex. "The SARS virus is still a problem in the

world today and therefore an important indication for demonstrating the

potential of T helper stimulating technologies."

Generex is engaged in the research and development of drug delivery

systems and technology. To date, it has focused on developing a platform

technology for the buccal delivery -- delivery to the oral cavity for

absorption through the inner mouth mucosa -- of drugs that historically have

been administered only by injection. Generex's buccal delivery technology has

application to a large number of drugs. Generex acquired Antigen Express in

August. 2003. The core platform technologies of Antigen Express comprise

immunotherapeutics for the treatment of malignant, infectious, allergic, and

autoimmune diseases.

Source: Generex Biotechnology Corporation

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